securityFront line staff – all venues

PCC develop security teams across a variety of sectors from gaming and casinos such as Crown Melbourne to special events and sporting and entertainment complexes such as Melbourne Stadiums – Docklands. The focus is on enhancing staff effectiveness, efficiency but most importantly their safety. The course includes Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) concepts, safety and team tactics and promotes resolution of incidents through communication.


PCC have and continue to conduct courses for large security companies and venues which have seen a significant decrease in incident occurrence as well as a measured increase in safety to both staff and the public. PCC aim to reduce workplace injury both emotional and physical and provide the safest possible working environments.


Programs are built to include defensive tactics modules as required. The PCC team includes certified instructors in disciplines including Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Karate all of whom have many years in their respective fields and come together to purpose build a program based on your specific needs. Our aim is to promote safe separation and communication where possible and where force cannot be avoided, using only the minimum to achieve objectives.


We are also in a unique position to provide close personal protection training for VIP teams covering off on all aspects from venue and route advance right through to escort work including advanced driver training. This comes from experience in the field for State and Federal policing agencies which has seen PCC staff provide protection to visiting dignitaries including six Australian Prime Ministers, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Dalai Lama,three US presidents and the director of the CIA – amongst many others. Not only has the PCC training team worked operationally but has also been responsible for training for State and Federal police teams in this field.


In addition PCC cater to high-end specialist needs such as the protection and escort of people and assets at risk. Training programs provide teams with the skills to afford protection appropriate to the risk and include topics such as advance and reconnaissance work, route and venue security, vehicle and foot-bound escort formations, counter ambush concepts and communication.


Where assets need to be re-acquired PCC offer recovery phase programs and consultancy extending to kidnap and ransom situations where experienced high stakes negotiators are required. These situations often, although not often in the media, occur domestically, however, regularly occur off-shore where employees are required to attend to projects in un-safe environments such as in the mining and construction sectors.


Products applicable

  • Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) program
    • Safety and Tactics
    • Behavioural Detection
    • Psychological aspects
  • First Response Officer course – 16 hours
  • Workplace security risk assessments
  • Close Personal Protection programs – various dependent on client operational requirement
  • Crime scene management – 4 hours
  • Defensive Tactics and use of force training
  • High risk transport and escort programs
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