John O’Neil presents from a military and policing background. Of his 26 years with State and Federal police John spent more than half of his time in the field of Police Hostage Negotiation. Having attended in excess of one hundred critical incidents as primary negotiator or team leader he joined the Victoria Police negotiator training team. John conducted courses of instruction in the field for not only Victoria Police and the AFP but for the Department of corrections (CORE) and military reserve forces in addition to providing private service to Department of Human Services and major banking groups. John has been fortunate enough to have trained with negotiator personnel from the FBI Academy and Scotland Yard and more recently as a visitor to LAPD SWAT negotiator unit and Department of Homeland Security Training facility, Texas.Holding a National CT negotiator qualification since 1996 John has trained with Police Negotiator Units all around the Country. In 2003 he was selected to attend in the Philippines as part of a joint training team for the Australian Federal Police to conduct a two week course in Hostage Negotiation for the Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was the first of its kind.Moving on from Victoria Police in late 2004 he joined the Australian Federal Police deployed as an under-cover counter terrorism operative. This has afforded him the opportunity to liaise and train with law enforcement operatives around the world including spending time at the Department Of Homeland Security training centre in Texas. John was a member of the Air Security Officer training team (air marshal program) where he developed negotiator capability for the group nationally and regularly provided capability advice and demonstration to the Attorney Generals Department, office of the Prime Minister and aviation industry stakeholders.


In recent years he has undertaken training in Predictive Profiling with Israeli specialists and trained as an instructor for the AFP in Behavioural detection and security questioning by UK leaders in the field, ‘Profile Aware’.


John founded Pro-Com Consulting and developed the Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) package, First Response Negotiator and critical incident manager programs. In 2014 he moved on from operational policing into now developing capability for Government and corporate clients on a full time basis.


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