healthAll front line hospital and healthcare staff – both on and off site

The front line staff working within our health sector are increasingly facing situations of aggression and violence from patients and visitors. Emerging threats such as the escalating use of illicit drugs like ‘ICE’ within the community present professionals with challenging situations. Code black situations are the most dangerous and involve persons presenting armed threats towards staff and other public as well as any act of violence or aggression by those entering the precinct. A coordinated response is required with specific roles and responsibilities to ensure all involved remain safe.


PCC provide training programs to cater to this need in the form of the ‘Code black’ response course for both on-site and off-site staff. Currently underway across a number of hospitals and centres in regional and metropolitan area Victoria the course is providing valuable skills to those confronted with such incidents and includes Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC), risk assessment practices and team tactics.


Our off-site program focuses on those staff required to attend to out-patients and tasks away from the hospital or centre, sometimes in remote areas, and where home visits are required. Attendance to these duties can often prevent hazards and threats to safety calling for sound approach and risk analysis processes. Included in the course, PCC deliver a defensive tactics component which enables staff to escapes from physical holds and expedite withdrawal from unsafe environments.


The training is suitable for all front line health professionals working within hospitals, medical centres, consulting suites or attending to duties off-site.


Products applicable


  • Front-line adaptive communication (FLAC) program
    • Safety and Tactics
    • Behavioural Detection
    • Psychological aspects
  • Code Grey 4 hour program
  • Code black response course – on-site – 8 hours
  • Code black response course – off-site – 8 hours
  • Adaptive communication awareness program – 4 hour
  • Critical incident Response Team program – 16 hours
  • Behavioural targeting and questioning course – various dependent upon client needs
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